What we do

Open Source Quant publishes scientific research.

How we do it

Open Source Quant uses open source tools to publish scientific research.

Why we do it

We believe scientific publishing should be free, collaborative and iterative.

Science should be free

Making scientific knowledge free ensures that people around the world, regardless of their location or financial means, can access and contribute to the scientific discourse.

Free to share, free to access.

Science should be collaborative

We imagine a world where researchers can quickly show their work and build upon each other’s work without barriers. Reproducibility will no longer be a problem. Open sourcing scientific findings will accelerate the speed at which new discoveries are made and innovations are developed.

Science should be iterative

Scientific understanding is continually evolving as new discoveries are made. Updating papers with the latest understanding serves crucial purposes:

  1. Latest Information: Regular updates ensure that the most recent information is accessible to everyone, fostering a globally informed community with up-to-date knowledge.

  2. Error Correction: Updating allows for the correction of errors and an overall improvement in the accuracy of scientific knowledge.

  3. Culture of Continuous Improvement: Embracing regular updates cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the scientific community.